Posted on 15-Sep-2018

The French Oven Bakery

Hello Everybody,

First of all Thank You for your support during these amazing 5 years,

and second; don't worry we are coming back!

It's been a pleasure to become part of this community and bring Victoria the best baked goods we could produce, day after day.

Along the way we have met many awesome clients, we've seen kids grow, we've worked with outstanding employees, and we've grown our business to a much larger size than we had envisioned on Day 1!

Recent events have brought Sandra and I to sit down and discuss what would come next for our business. We felt that continuing on the same path of growth would push us away from our original vision..... So we have decided to downsize to a more sustainable size.

We wanted to continue baking and selling direct to you, but we also wanted to regain some personal time for fun, personal development, and being together more. We also wanted to go back to smaller batches, a more artisanal approach to baking, and selling at day and farm markets.

As it turns out, we are lucky and the Victoria Public Market invited us to come back as day vendors. We will aim to be up and running by mid to end of October on Friday and Saturday, every week, look for us as Day Vendors down in the center of the market.

For updates, visit our FB page, website, or the Public Market Newsletter....

We are looking forward to catching up on some sleep, developing new recipes, and seeing you again soon...................
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